Kaleb "Chicobi"

Casting/Content Creation

Hey! Im Kaleb, also known as Chicobi in most discords and games I play. So some things to know about me...

Well I love Magic, obviously, but Commander wasnt what got me started. I started playing tabletop around Innistrad and after pulling some good cards from fatpacks, I started playing standard seriously Return to Ravnica. Red deck wins which was running Rakdos Cacklers and Madcap Skills! Ah! The good ol' days.

Some weeks after doing well I got my first commander, Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, and I never looked at 60 card formats seriously again. After a while of playing casually at my LGS and getting destroyed, the local guys helped me improve and better myself into the player that I am today.

I used to be in the tournament scene myself slinging spells with Thrasios and Tymna at the helm, but now I enjoy pick up games and talking about the game.

Speaking of which, before I started casting with Monarch, I was involved in many groups either helping with producing content as a player, commentating on decklists, or just recording YT videos. Kudos to you if you find me in some other stuff! Since I have been in the online community for about 6 years, you could kinda say I've been doing this a while.

In my time that I'm not playing cEDH, I'm either playing videogames like Dying Light 2 or Escape from Tarkov. I also love cheese! If you see me at an event and bring it to me I will love you forever! I look forward to meeting a lot of you at Marchesa 2022!!

Daniel "Ace Shadow"

Casting/Content Creation

Hi, I'm Daniel, I'm probably more known as Ace, or AceShadow though. I am a Caster & Content Creator for Monarch, and will probably be one of, if not the voice you hear if you watch any of our content

I first got into cEDH in early 2019 I think it was, and my first deck was Gitrog. I really liked the complicatedness of the deck, and the challenge that learning it was.

Green has to be my favorite color, a friend got me into the game with the Elves vs Inventors decks, and I fell in love with making a bunch of mana and drawing lots of cards. My interests in the game have matured slightly since then, now I primarily enjoy taking significantly more game actions then my opponent, and ill play anything that can facilitate that.

I don't often play on the cEDH servers, mainly because I like to keep to smaller playgroups, but if you message me and I've got time ill hop into a game or 2 and get destroyed. When I do play its usually a Simic+ deck that has a Seedborn Muse in it, most commonly Thrasios + a friend.

Honestly I probably enjoy learning the decks and combos more then i enjoy playing with them, but winning is a lot of fun too, because of this ill play pretty much any format, and have theory crafted many of my own (If your really bored dm me about cEDH variants or 60cc).

Right now if you wanted to find me in the wild you would have to find a random obscure format that's probably dead and I just might be around.

Fern "Aletakar"

Casting/Content Creation - Fae/Faer

Hello! My name is Fern, or online sometimes Aletakar as well. I work with the media team on Monarch as an analyst, writer, and appear on some of our other videos. I love games of all kinds, and also juggle, and play mario kart in my spare time.

I first started magic back when I was in middle school, around Scars of Mirrodin. I played in blissful tabletop ignorance till the end of highschool. From there I discovered the world of competitive magic through modern and from there went on to brew and play with my friends on the tournament grinding scene. Eventually though my local LGS died out and I had to find a new venue, where I came across EDH. My very first deck was the Inalla Pre-con which I accidentally turned into winconless prison wizards.

My current decks take much less than 4 hours to win a game though. I have a love of Daretti and Gishath that will never die, and I frequently brew up and take apart other decks to play. I first came to CEDH because I wanted a space to combine my love of streamlined and unique decks, and multiplayer games. From there on CEDH has been my passion alongside legacy and vintage.

You can always find me online to jam or chat on discord as Nat, and I will probably be playing my baby Jorn and slamming a stasis in your face!

James "SquirrelMob"

Casting/Content Creation - He/Him

Hello everyone! My name is James, better known online as Squirrelmob. I'm working with Monarch Media as a writer and sometimes video personality.

I've been playing magic since a little before Odyssey came out, and playing EDH since around 2007. I started dabbling in cEDH in 2017 and haven't looked back, though I also enjoy legacy and modern.

I'm a big fan of a lot of decks, especially ones that do weird things (and control decks), but I've enjoyed Rashmi for years and have more recently started to dig the rush from smacking people with a big Ishai in Ishai/Jeska.

Beyond playing I'm involved in a number of community efforts around cEDH, including helping review decks on the Decklist Database, moderating the r/competitiveEDH subreddit, and being the sole maintainer of the cEDH Metagame Project.

When I'm not doing Magic stuff, I also enjoy playing some other very casual video games, making bad jokes and puns, and pondering shallow questions like "What song best defines Rock & Roll?". I also have a day job as an 8th grade teacher, which is its own form of excitement.

If you're ever down to chat feel free to hit me up on discord or twitter!