Nicholas "Joking" Hammond

Executive Director

My name is Nicholas (Nick), although most of you will know me as "Joking101", or simply "Joking". I started playing Magic in 2008 along with the release of Conflux. EDH was the format of choice in my social circles, so I left the kitchen table around 2010. Over the next few years, I developed many of my MTG chops and love of rules against some brutal EDH decks. I dipped my toes in Modern, but eventually left Magic around Khans. With the release of Ixalan, I returned to the game and discovered cEDH. cEDH was the perfect amalgamation of the social gameplay I loved about EDH and my spiky nature.

In my career, I've been responsible for corporate event planning. The lack of cEDH tournaments felt like an opportunity to bring my passions and experiences together to create a cEDH scene like no other. Founding Monarch as a non-profit was a way to give back to the community that's created countless positive memories.

In my spare time, you can find me picking up heavy weights in the garage, playing an assortment of video games (Slay the Spire anyone?), or playing music. My quarantine project was to learn "The Dance of Eternity", a bold goal on the best of days.

If you take anything away from our events, I hope it's a positive memory. Good luck, have fun, and be kind.

Landon "Libby" Liberator

Events Director/Judge Manager

Hey there, my name is Landon Liberator, but most folks call me Libby. A Level 2 Judge living in Grand Junction, Colorado, it is my distinct pleasure to be a Monarch's Event Director and Judge Manager. Judging is an opportunity to bring my passion for mentorship directly into Magic. Monarch Events allows me to coach, educate, and develop upcoming judges around the world; even in the age of COVID-19.

I certified for my Level 1 in 2016, and advanced to a Level 2 in 2019. Some of my judging experience include:

  • Floor Judge at main and side events - Grand Prix and Magic Fests.

  • Head Judge - Star City Games Regionals, Nerd Rage Games Tournaments

I've had the privilege to work as a testing coordinator for some judge conferences, and was involved with module creation and voice-over work for Judge Academy.

When I'm not judging, I can be found running my weekly D&D campaign with friends or hiking up a mountain in my new home, Colorado. I also really enjoy cuddling with my two cats, Alfred and Frances. They really are the best pals a guy could ask for! If you happen to see me at an event, ask me about Legacy goblins; they are my pride and joy.

I look forward to seeing you in a tournament!

Tyler "Tylord" Bloom

IT Director

Hiya folks! My name is Tyler Bloom. I am an L2 currently in the Green Mountain State of Vermont but am originally from Kansas. I am excited to be Libby’s counterpart as one of the Monarch head judges. The opportunity of Monarch as given me a place to put some of my nerdiest passions together. As the premier bot builder for Monarch, I have gotten the chance to put my love of Magic event together with my software development skills. I hope to provide an experience with Monarch events that lets people show off and grow their interests. Not to mention, this is the perfect platform for me to convince you that Izzet Charm is the single best card in the game.

My story in the judge community is still rather short, being certified in October 2019, but I’ve done a lot in that time. I’ve gotten to judge at both PAX South and East in 2020 along with a series of WPNQs. I am also an active member in many Discord servers’ rules interactions channels (say “hi” if you see me). While my interest in the details of Magic’s rules drew me into judging, I quickly fell in love with this “cult of self-improvement.” Now equal to my love of the rules is my love of holding and hosting events for players and judges alike.

In my free time between judge activities and schoolwork, I love to cook and bake for anyone that finds themselves in my company.

I look forward to seeing you in a tournament! Good luck and have fun!

Mike "a00682005" Hansen

Stream Director

Mike is Monarch's Stream Lead. He’s been playing magic for over 10 years and started with portal. He’s played long enough to see the card Power Surge go from coaster material, to barely playable. In his spare time he cooks, is a DJ streaming at, and consumes way too much MTG media through all the major platforms. His favorite commander decks are the ones that start with ‘Big Dumb’ such as Big dumb jund, Big dumb cascade, Big dumb enchantments.

Martin "Snuske" Hansen

Tournament Organizer

Hi folks! My name is Martin but most of you would know me from my Discord name, Snuske.

My experience as a TO comes from the world of Esports. I have worked as a volunteer in the Danish Esports scene for more than 15 years now. I've been involved mostly with Copenhagen Games. I have done everything from scrubbing toilets to Tournament Organizing some of the biggest Hearthstone tournaments and everything in between.

So when I saw that Monarch was looking for TOs, I thought it would be a great way to help out the community in the best way I know how. And with the pandemic closing down events that I usually work, it also helped scratch that itch.

I started playing magic in 2018 when a friend introduced me to commander. It did not take long for me to start putting together new decks every few months. When the pandemic hit, the ability to meet friends for Magic got slimmer so I looked to the internet for games and quickly caught on to cEDH. One day, Garrett from “Playing With Power” was spectating a game of mine and afterwards recommended I go check out cEDH Nexus. I have been there ever since.

In my spare time you can find me playing cEDH on Nexus or hacking and slashing my way through Path Of Exile or any new AAA game I find interesting.

I hope to see you at one of our many tournaments! Good luck! (Unless you play Winota)

Eric "Efond" Palmer

Tournament Organizer

Hello, I am Eric, but most know me as Efond. I am a level one judge from central California. I started playing magic during the Ixalan block and quickly gravitated towards EDH. I am an Tournament Organizer with Monarch and have taken this position to become a more integral part of the community. In the future I hope to be a key piece in monarch leading more in person events.

In my career I have both managed and started a business. During the pandemic, I have been lucky enough to find this community of cEDH players and now I feel the drive to help organize tournaments. I also became a level one judge during the pandemic to bot help understand this game I love to a higher degree. Its also allowed me to have more tools to support this community with. I hope to take my experience from both my career and education and leverage it to help expand and perfect the business model that monarch is currently using.

When I’m not playing cEDH you can find me playing disc golf, kayaking, or taking care of a wide assortment of animals ranging from exotic cats and fish to 17 footlong snakes! Recently I have been taking a deeper look into my health and have been pressing myself to be a healthier me!

I am always open to feedback and conversations so if you have anything to you would like to discuss don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!

Darius "Flash" Mitchell

Tournament Organizer

Hello everyone! I am Darius Mitchell, mostly known as Flash Andretti of the online cEDH community. What got me into the scene was my drive to be as competitive as possible which eventually led to me wanting to provide events for you all.

My most known primers are Elsha, Kaalia and Kenrith. You can find me on /r/cedh discord as well as a Game Master!

Outside of the sphere of EDH I am a husband and father of 1 and work for Waffle House as a Manager. Hobbies I have other than all card games, you can catch me on Halo, 2K, Civ6 & AFK Arena.

To see more of me, follow me on twitter or instagram @Flash_Andretti

Rose "Flowwer" Ellis

Social Media Manager/Twitter Queen

Greetings and salutations! My name is Rose, but I'm creatively known as Flowwer online (the second w is silent, kind of like the g in lasagne). I'm the social media manager, the Twitter Queen if you will, for Monarch. I'm a well traveled, extroverted, and slightly obnoxious Aries with a heart of gold and a belly full of fire.

I started playing commander when I was 15. Something something impress a boyfriend something something. All that matters is that I showed up, I kicked ass, and I fell in love. (With the game, not the boyfriend). 9 years later and I'm still going strong! I found cEDH through a very close friend, and started my journey with Azusa, a lands matter, strip mine locking monster. Since then, I've flourished within the community!

I had an absolute BLAST at Marchesa '22. Meeting everyone I've spent hours interacting with online was the highlight of my Magic career. It awesome seeing the hard work come to fruition, but meeting the team I've been closely working with for months was incredible! Trust me, this team is full of top knotch individuals, who put their everything into their craft. I've never seen a more devoted, committed, and detail oriented group.

Other than Magic, I spent most of my time doing makeup, working in the mortgage industry, and going out to karaoke every darn tootin chance I get!

Thanks for taking the time to read! I look forward to meeting all of you at our paper events, and remember to check out our linktree to see my memeing on twitter in person!

Sage "The Fabled Sage" Stafford

Marketing Lead

Sage (they/them) began playing Magic: the Gathering in 2015, and their first ever deck was the Temur precon deck. They were a standard and modern tournament grinder for a few years, during which time they found their love of storm after piloting a U/R Gifts Storm deck. They've been playing commander since 2016 and delved into the cEDH scene in 2019.

Sage is currently working on their L1 certification and runs several EDH play servers, including Founders Club. A member of The Mind Sculptors, a regular on Mental Misplay, and a content creator in their own right, Sage loves spending just about every free moment thinking about Magic.

Outside of Magic, Sage is a dog walker by day and podcaster by night! They've been a part of the Venture Maidens podcast for seven years, and they are a professional Dungeon Master and TTRPG writer.

David "Ctpncomplicated" Henderson

Stream and Website Technician

My name is David Henderson and I’m Monarch’s newest Stream Technician. I’ve had an on and off relationship with Magic over the last 20 years. There’s been ups, and there’s been downs. The only thing certain has been my love of the game.

I started playing Magic back in the Judgment block. Modern didn’t exist back then. Players didn’t have immediate access to card information or monetary value, and the comprehensive rules were not in everyone’s pockets. I was taken for a fool back then. I lost a match to some rules that were not correct and I traded valuable cards for pennies. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be a different kind of Magic player—a different kind of person.

Just over 20 years later, I finally accomplished a life-long dream of mine. I became an L1 Judge for Magic: The Gathering. I also achieved some professional goals of mine, as well as some personal ones. I learned patience, leadership, and dedication. I also developed a passion for teaching this awesome game and a deep appreciation for the best part of Magic: the Gathering.

Magic is now a much different game and requires a different approach. After meeting some of the members of the Monarch team, I knew this would be a great place to be with great people to be around. What they’ve gained is an avid meat cutter, a filthy combo player, and a spirited technician. What I’ve gained is the experience of a lifetime. The only place to go from here is up. I just can’t wait to get there.

Curt "Octave" Franklin

Marketing and Events

Curt (he/him) is a marketing and events professional with 8 years of experience.

He's cleaned kennels, scooped popcorn, poured drinks, and written comics.

Curt thinks it's really cool when people get together to share their love of something. He's psyched to work with a team on making CEDH events be the best they can be.

Godzilla brought him into Magic and the community and playing with his friends has kept him there.

Jordan "Jo" Riddle

Graphic Designer

Hi All! My name is Jordan, although discord and spelltable friends know me as Jo. I’ve dabbled in magic since Throne of Eldraine, but only started playing consistently last year, picking up EDH and then cEDH along the way. I’ve been lucky enough to make many new friends through Magic, and to find safe, welcoming LGBTQ spaces to play and learn in.

I’m a graphic designer, and enjoy working with user experiences, web design, and design systems. When I’m not at work or shuffling cards, you can find me hanging out with my partner and our two crazy dogs, making music, or bingeing k-dramas.

Marcus "Argus Flightfin" Birch

Head of Content

Hello all! My name is Marcus Birch. You might see me as my various dnd character names on discord(or any of the times I just use Mayael as my nickname). I am Monarch's media director and on stream days, our executive producer. I am also an on-hand Level 2 Judge for all those delightful judge calls that might be needed.

I first got into Magic in college off the back of the XBOX game. It didn't take me long to find commander after that and upon my first time in public playing I saw someone combo off with merfolk (thinking to myself "THIS is what these cards can do!?" and I fell head over heels for the game and format. Cedh got a hold of me when after accidentally stomping a table at a magicfest, I was pointed to the more appropriate table for my decks power level and then got swiftly dismantled while three far more adept and friendly deckbuilders taught me all about the competitive space.

Aside from Cedh, I am a MASSIVE cube nerd and maintain a proxied power cube with a "jank cube" in the works. I am and always will be a Green hearted player and maintain what I personally feel is the strongest Mayael the Anima deck in the US. I also love decks that take non-traditional looks at old archetypes and decks "off the beaten path."

Aside from Magic, I keep myself busy in my day job as a therapist, which has been my great passion in life. Otherwise I'm playing Overwatch with my lovely wife, wrestling with my ferret, or doing something random that's caught my fancy recently. On tournament days you'll likely see me running about, barking orders, or fighting the urge to order another stress burrito.

Andrew "gilkissin" Taft

Video Specialist

My name is Andrew Taft, and you may also know me on various Discord servers as gilkissin. Professionally I manage a team that designs and creates training content for a fintech company, and I’m excited to help the Monarch team with my video creating and editing skills.

I started playing Magic in 3rd grade where there were dozens of us playing Magic on the pavement outside during recess. Playmats? Sleeves? Those were things we didn’t even know about, let alone used. This was around when 4th Edition came out, and anytime I had a few bucks in my hand I would ask my parents to take me to my LGS to buy a booster pack.

My love of Magic has continued ever since. I played Standard on-and-off at FNM, but my friends and I primarily played casually together. We immediately fell in love with EDH when we first tried it, and it quickly became the only way we played. We moved into cEDH in early 2020, and I’ve been playing through Discord via webcam since then. My first in-person cEDH event was Marchesa 2022, and I had such a great time that I wanted to help support Monarch.

I live in Massachusetts with my wife and two kids. We like to go hiking and play sports. Baseball takes up a lot of our spring, and soccer takes up our time in the fall. My other personal interests include Lego, the Red Sox, the Patriots, movies, and video games.