Nicholas "Joking" Hammond

Executive Director

My name is Nicholas (Nick), although most of you will know me as "Joking101", or simply "Joking". I started playing Magic in 2008 along with the release of Conflux. EDH was the format of choice in my social circles, so I left the kitchen table around 2010. Over the next few years, I developed many of my MTG chops and love of rules against some brutal EDH decks. I dipped my toes in Modern, but eventually left Magic around Khans. With the release of Ixalan, I returned to the game and discovered cEDH. cEDH was the perfect amalgamation of the social gameplay I loved about EDH and my spiky nature.

In my career, I've been responsible for corporate event planning. The lack of cEDH tournaments felt like an opportunity to bring my passions and experiences together to create a cEDH scene like no other. Founding Monarch as a non-profit was a way to give back to the community that's created countless positive memories.

In my spare time, you can find me picking up heavy weights in the garage, playing an assortment of video games (Slay the Spire anyone?), or playing music. My quarantine project was to learn "The Dance of Eternity", a bold goal on the best of days.

If you take anything away from our events, I hope it's a positive memory. Good luck, have fun, and be kind.

Landon "Libby" Liberator

Head Judge/Judge Coordinator

Hey there, my name is Landon Liberator, but most folks call me Libby. A Level 2 Judge from the frosty state of Minnesota, it is my distinct pleasure to be a Monarch head judge. Judging is an opportunity to bring my passion for mentorship directly into Magic. Monarch Events allows me to coach, educate, and develop upcoming judges around the world; even in the age of COVID-19.

I certified for my Level 1 in 2016, and advanced to a Level 2 in 2019. Some of my judging experience include:

  • Floor Judge at main and side events - Grand Prix and Magic Fests.

  • Head Judge - SCG Regionals

  • Team Lead - Nerd Rage Games Tournament

I've had the privilege to work as a testing coordinator for some judge conferences, and was involved with module creation and voice-over work for Judge Academy.

When I'm not judging, I can be found at my electric drum kit - pounding out some incoherent mix of Foo Fighters and Three Days Grace. I really enjoy taking my pupper to the dog park, or on a long walks around Minneapolis. He really is the best pal a guy could ask for! If you happen to see me at an event, ask me about my Legacy decks; they are my pride and joy.

I look forward to seeing you in a tournament!

Tyler "Tylord" Bloom

Head Judge/Bot Architect

Hiya folks! My name is Tyler Bloom. I am an L2 currently in the Green Mountain State of Vermont but am originally from Kansas. I am excited to be Libby’s counterpart as one of the Monarch head judges. The opportunity of Monarch as given me a place to put some of my nerdiest passions together. As the premier bot builder for Monarch, I have gotten the chance to put my love of Magic event together with my software development skills. I hope to provide an experience with Monarch events that lets people show off and grow their interests. Not to mention, this is the perfect platform for me to convince you that Izzet Charm is the single best card in the game.

My story in the judge community is still rather short, being certified in October 2019, but I’ve done a lot in that time. I’ve gotten to judge at both PAX South and East in 2020 along with a series of WPNQs. I am also an active member in many Discord servers’ rules interactions channels (say “hi” if you see me). While my interest in the details of Magic’s rules drew me into judging, I quickly fell in love with this “cult of self-improvement.” Now equal to my love of the rules is my love of holding and hosting events for players and judges alike.

In my free time between judge activities and schoolwork, I love to cook and bake for anyone that finds themselves in my company.

I look forward to seeing you in a tournament! Good luck and have fun!

Mike "a00682005" Hansen

Media Manager

Mike is the Twitch and social media manager. If you interact with Monarch on Twitch or social media - you’re talking to him! He’s been playing magic for over 10 years and started with portal. He’s played long enough to see the card Power Surge go from coaster material, to barely playable. In his spare time he cooks, is a DJ streaming @, and consumes way too much MTG media through all the major platforms. His favorite commander decks are the ones that start with ‘Big Dumb’ such as Big dumb jund, Big dumb cascade, Big dumb enchantments.