Marketing Specialist

Our team loves what they do and we want to reach as many people as we can with our passion! Marketing specialists are responsible for identifying brand opportunities, assembling marketing plans, and overseeing marketing efforts to help bring Monarch to the bigger stage! This is a more involved role, and we expect this position to take 1-4 hours per week. Marketing specialists are involved in most aspects of our forward facing presence and involve everything from marketing strategy to YouTube thumbnails.

An exceptional candidate will bring some amount of marketing experience alongside a deep passion for bringing not-for-profit brands into the limelight!

All candidates welcome!

On-Camera Talent

We are creating on-screen teams that are fixtures of our live streams. The casting is the most important part of the stream experience. No matter how slow a game may be, strong casters are able to provide an engaging experience for viewers. We expect this position to take 1-2 hours per week outside of streams. During our in-person events, you may be casting for six or more hours.

An exceptional candidate has some experience with our primary format (cEDH), as well as a strong personality. We're looking for passionate individuals who shine in creating a comfortable, friendly rapport on camera.

All candidates welcome!

Creative Writer

Monarch makes tons of content, and we're looking to add someone with a creative mind and writing experience to our media team! This position is responsible for creating shorts and skits, editing and reviewing scripts, and adding an engaging and creative spice to our content. We expect that this position will spend between 1-3 hours per week, with complete autonomy within working hours.

An exceptional candidate will have creative writing experience, working knowledge of cEDH, and will bring a passion for producing quality content.

All candidates welcome!

Tournament Organizer

Monarch runs tournaments! We have a great TO staff, but with more tournaments, that means we need more staff. We are prepared to train the right candidate on event planning logistics, project management, and team leadership skills.

This is a time intensive and invested position. We expect this position to take 2-3 hours per week for the full six months leading into a crown event.

An exceptional candidate has fantastic people skills, professional attitude and presentation, and strong attention to detail. Passion for all things Magic is essential for this role.

All candidates welcome!

Stream Technician

We run streams on a weekly basis. This includes gameplay streams, Crown Chats, and during the summer, the MLC. Alongside these weekly streams are our bi-yearly Crown events, Marchesa and Okotoberfest. We're looking for an enthusiastic stream technician to learn the ins-and-outs of streaming to help deliver a phenomenal stream experience. We expect this position to take 3-5 hours per week for the weekly streams.

An exceptional candidate has experience with livestreaming to Twitch, audio/visual experience, and a technical mind. We are open to provide training to an ideal candidate.

All candidates welcome!

Video Editor

We produce a lot of video. Our content spans from weekly live-streams to prerecorded card and concept analysis. We're looking for video editors to help up-level our content with editing prowess. This position is very flexible, and often has overlap with other positions on our team. This position can take between 0-6 hours per week, depending on editing speed and desired workload.

An exceptional candidate has experience with video editing, audio mastering, and the ability to use visual aid to tell a story.

All candidates welcome!

Graphic Designer

Monarch requires graphic design work for everything from promotional posters to comprehensive brand design. We have a robust team of graphic designers, but want to ease the individual workload where possible. If you're interested in providing design work, please feel free to reach out!

An exceptional candidate can provide design advice and insight, contribute to the marketing plan, and identify branding and design opportunities.

All candidates welcome!

Web Developer

Our website functions, but we'd love for it to look better, do more, and be updated more frequently. We're looking for someone to help us build a strong homepage for our brand. We have a small web development team right now, but more is always better!

An exceptional candidate can provide insight into both function and form of our front-end. They are able to take initiative in website design, and allow Monarch to communicate effective through our online presence.

All candidates welcome!

Squire Services Developer

We provide a growing collection of open-source tournament organization software under the banner of "Squire Tournament Services". Check them out here. All services are written with cEDH in mind and primarily written in Rust.

We currently have a Discord bot, SquireBot, and our central server, SquireCore. We have plans to expand with web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Interested candidates are welcome to join the Monarch development server to see how they can contribute, or simply submit their work on GitHub!

Speak to Tyler for more information!