Graphic Designer

Monarch requires graphic design work done periodically for our events. For our big events, we typically need three or four promotional posters. We expect that this position is about 1-4 hours per week for six weeks leading up to a major event. (2-4 times per year)

The minimum requirement for this position is the ability to produce these customized promotional materials from a provided template.

An exceptional candidate can provide design advice and insight, contribute to the marketing plan, and identify branding and design opportunities.

All candidates welcome!

Web Developer

Our website functions, but we'd love for it to look better, do more, and be updated more frequently. We're looking for someone to improve our website. We would love to transition to a coded website, or at least to a website template program. We expect this position to take 0-2 hours most weeks after initial setup.

The minimum requirement for this position is the ability to create a website using a website template program.

An exceptional candidate can provide insight into both function and form of our front-end. They are able to take initiative in website design, and allow Monarch to communicate effective through our online presence.

All candidates welcome!

Tournament Organizer

Monarch runs tournaments! We have a great TO staff, but with more tournaments, that means we need more staff. We are prepared to train the right candidate on event planning logistics, project management, and team leadership skills.

This is a time intensive and invested position. We expect this position to take 2-3 hours per week for the full four months leading into a crown event.

An exceptional candidate has fantastic people skills, professional attitude and presentation, and strong attention to detail. Passion for all things Magic is essential for this role.

All candidates welcome!

Commentary and Casting

We are creating a casting duo that will become a fixture of our tournament streams. The casting is the most important part of the stream experience. No matter how slow a game may be, strong casters are able to provide an engaging experience for viewers. We expect this position to take relatively little time outside for format research and familiarity. During events, you may be casting for six or more hours.

An exceptional candidate has some experience with our primary format (cEDH), as well as a strong personality. We're looking for passionate individuals who shine in creating a comfortable, friendly rapport on camera.

All candidates welcome!

Data Analysis Manager

cEDH doesn't have an MTG Goldfish, but it could.

Our tournaments generate some of the best data cEDH has available to it. We don't have a way to convert that data into insights. The data analysis manager is responsible for the vision of cEDH statistics. Our ability to collect data is limited by our ability to process it. We need an individual who can both lead a small team of analysts as well as provide consultation on the most effective methods of collecting information.

We expect this position to take 3-5 hours per week for 2 weeks following a major event. It should take 0-2 hours in most other weeks.

An exceptional candidate has experience in data management, and is an effective team leader. They have an understanding of statistical analysis tools and can draw publishable conclusions.

All candidates welcome!

Data Analyst

Our data analysts are the backbone of the data team. We have ways to generate different forms of data, your job is to convert and identify useful data, discuss insights, and generate data reports. You'll report to the data analysis lead and help maintain the database of cEDH information

We expect this position to take 3-5 hours per week for 2 weeks following a major event (2-4 times per year). It should take 0-1 hours in most other weeks.

An exceptional candidate has one or more of the following skills: database programming, statistical testing, or report production. We want individuals who can bring unique insights into cEDH.

All candidates welcome!