Zac Hill

Zac Hill is a former Pro Tour caster and top-8 competitor, and was one of Magic's lead game designers for several years. He's the co-founder and Chief Strategist of UNITE, a civic venture-builder, and is the co-founder and former Chief Operating Officer of The Future Project and Future Labs. He lives in Manhattan.


Twitter: @zdch

Discord: @[CSB] zdch

Ernesto Salazar

Ernesto Salazar has been a Magic: The Gathering player since Stronghold and participated in multiple events as a player. Recently, they create content for The 99 as a player and brewer and is also the creator of the cEDH Cold Cast (branding in the works). Ernesto currently works as a Software Developer living in Astoria, Queens.

Discord: @PlasmaBeam


Dylan is co-host and creator of Play to Win, a cEDH YouTube channel focusing on the fun side of optimized commander. He's been playing magic since Innistrad, and has been playing cEDH since Paradox Engine. Dylan wants to see powerful magic cards do powerful things, as long as everyone is making plays they believe to be optimal, he doesn't care if he's playing the powerful cards or his opponents are.


Cobblepott has been a fixture of the cEDH community since its origins. Known for his passion toward the competitive fringe, he’s left quite the trail of odd and interesting lists over the course of his tenure with both LabManiacs and The Mind Sculptors. Noteworthy creations include Boonweaver Karador, Derevi Wizardball, Shadowbag, and Advantage Thrasios. You can find him on Twitter, always at the ready with insights to share and weird ideas to discuss.

Rebell Son

Rebell got her first taste of real Magic by getting locked out under an Isochron Scepter with an Orim's Chant. Since then, she played kitchen table magic at school, eventually diving deep into Modern before switching to Commander like everyone else when Jund started being bad. After losing a bunch of games with her first commander decks, she eventually found Derevi and made everyone unhappy. Now she makes everybody unhappy with forcing memes into the cEDH culture, such as Sire of Insanity, and makes cheap Youtube videos that nobody asks for.

Rebell has an AI. She has many hobbies.


Cameron is a co-host of the cEDH gameplay YouTube channel Play to Win and has been playing Magic since 2011 around the release of Innistrad. He spent most of his Magic playing career as a 1v1 player but fell in love with cEDH after realizing it was everything he was looking for as a Johnny/Spike. Cameron loves playing grindy advantage strategies of all color combinations, but also loves resolving a High Tide. He loves watching decks go off and do their thing, even when the decks unfortunately belong to his opponents.


Ryan is the narrator and founder of Playing with Power. He's been playing Magic for a long time. Playing since Urza block back in the 90s (yikes!), Ryan has always had a love for Red. He continued that love when he started playing EDH back in 2011 with his friends. When he discovered CEDH, he decided to start a YouTube channel with his playgroup, and the rest is history. You can find him narrating games, poking around on twitter, or just hanging around various discords.