Summer Bloom

Summer Bloom Event Overview

Summer Bloom is a charity event! Our goal is to raise money for charity through this event. Read more about it on our Donations page!

Summer Bloom is on July 10th, 17th, and 24th. It is held in the Monarch Discord Server, and played via Cockatrice.

This event is held at Competitive REL.

Registration is open!

Summer Bloom is using a special set of rules to experiment with non-traditional cEDH tournament structures. Check out the "Rules of the Tournament" drop-down below.

Top 4 in Summer Bloom will bypass the group stage in Oktoberfest 2021, and seed directly into the top 64. Oktoberfest 2020 was the biggest cEDH ever before Marchesa 2021, so Oktoberfest 2022 will outdo it in every way!

Top 4 is also receiving a set of Bob Ross lands and $100 CAD either sent via PayPal or given directly to charity!

Summer Bloom will be streamed directly through our Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register?

Registration for Summer Bloom is open!

Registration is handled directly through our Discord using the !register command in the #registration channel!

Once registered, you must use the !add-deck command to add your decklist.

You may register two decks in Summer Bloom. You may swap between them as you desire!

Registration closes at the players meeting before the first day of the event.

What is the tournament schedule?

There are nine time slots during which you can play games! As long as you show up to play on time, you'll be paired for a match during that time slot.

July 10th @ 11:30 EDT - Players Meeting

July 10th @ 12:00 EDT - Day 1 Round 1

July 10th @ 1:30 EDT - Day 1 Round 2

July 10th @ 3:00 EDT - Day 1 Round 3

July 17th @ 11:30 EDT - Players Meeting

July 17th @ 12:00 EDT - Day 2 Round 1

July 17th @ 1:30 EDT - Day 2 Round 2

July 17th @ 3:00 EDT - Day 2 Round 3

July 24th @ 11:30 EDT - Players Meeting

July 24th @ 12:00 EDT - Day 3 Round 1

July 24th @ 1:30 EDT - Day 3 Round 2

July 24th @ 3:00 EDT - Day 3 Round 3

You can use this link to convert to your local time!

What are the rules of the tournament?

All Monarch events are governed by our Code of Conduct and Tournament Policy documents.

Summer Bloom uses a simple standard cEDH scoring system.

Win: +3 points
Draw: +1 point
Loss: 0 points

Tiebreaks will be settled with Opponent Match Win Percentage.

After all nine rounds are concluded, standings will be posted. The top four players after all nine rounds will receive prizes. There is no "finals pod".

You must play at least four of the nine games to qualify for the top four, but you cannot play more than six games. Once you've played six games, your score is "locked in", even if there are more games left to be played. If you play seven or more games, you will be disqualified from scoring.

What the heck is Cockatrice?

Cockatrice is a 100% free 3rd party application used to play Magic: the Gathering. While unaffiliated with Wizards of the Coast, the free nature of this program allows us the ability to charge no entry fee while also enabling users to play with the best cards. We believe cEDH is best without budget limitations, and Cockatrice enables that functionality.

Cockatrice, unlike Magic: the Gathering Online, does not have rules enforcement. While games are played with "the honor system", all game actions are recorded in the chat window for all players and spectators to view. Furthermore, Cockatrice allows Judges to operate in a manner even more effective than in regular tournaments. This chat window records all game actions. Judges can then issue rulings based on exactly what happened, rather than their best understanding of the situation.

Where can I watch the tournament?

Coverage will be provided the day of the event by our own in-house stream.

After the event is over, we will be uploading VODs to our YouTube channel. Check back in for when these are live!