Okotoberfest 2022 is a 3-day Magic: the Gathering tournament series. Join us for our cEDH main event, side events, and community experience!

As always, our events are charity events! Okotoberfest is raising money for the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

As a reminder to all players, Okotoberfest requires all attendees to present a vaccination card upon entry to the venue.

We will be requiring masks for all attendees unless actively eating or drinking in the venue.


Tournament Magic Weekend—cEDH, side events, panels, and more!


Loews Philadelphia Hotel, 1200 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


November 18th, 19th,
and 20th, 2022


Registration for Okotoberfest 2022 is now open!

  1. Use this link to purchase your tickets. You must list your entire Discord Username when paying.

  1. Join our Discord Server.

  1. Once paid and in the server, you will be given the Okotoberfest 2022 Player role. This will allow you to register with SquireBot, and submit your decklist.

  1. Once you've paid and registered with SquireBot, you'll need to submit your Playtest Card Form. We're still collecting data from our players to see what players need! Give us feedback on our Discord server! We'll email you when the playtest card form has opened!


cEDH—$60 + processing fees

Side events—registration to be announced

Open registration begins on July 29th, 2022 at 12pm PST.

Okotoberfest 2022 will be streamed directly through our Twitch!

Main Event FAQ

To enter the venue space, all players must have either purchased an "Elk Package" or higher, or have purchased main event entry.

As a reminder to all players, Okotoberfest requires all attendees to present a vaccination card upon entry to the venue. If you have a medical exemption, please email

We will be requiring masks for all attendees unless actively eating or drinking in the venue.

Where can I watch the tournament?

Coverage will be provided the day of the event by our own in-house stream!

Stream Schedule TBD.

What is the cEDH tournament schedule?

All times listed below are in EST. The time limit for each round of swiss is 75 minutes. All single-elimination rounds (quarters, semis, and finals) are untimed.

Round times are estimates made by tournament staff and are subject to change.

Meal breaks are a chance for players to eat food and recuperate before their next match. Players can utilize the hotel catering, or they can go off-site to find food. Either way, players are in charge of being present to their match when the next round begins.

Doors will open on Saturday at 8:00am and on Sunday at 9:00am


  • Player Meeting — 9:30am

  • Round 1 begins 10:00am

  • Round 2 begins 11:30am

  • Break for lunch 1:00pm

  • Round 3 begins 2:00pm

  • Round 4 begins 3:30pm

  • Round 5 begins 5:00pm

  • Round 6 begins6:30pm

  • Break for dinner 6:00pm–9:00pm


  • Round 7 begins 10:00am

  • Quarterfinals begins 11:30am

  • Break for lunch 1:00pm

  • Semi-finals begins 2:30pm

  • Finals begins 4:30pm

  • Dinner post event 6:00pm

I don't play cEDH! What else is there to do at Okotoberfest?

Where do I stay?

Our room block at Loews has closed! You can book directly with Loews, or at another hotel in the area.

Other hotels in the area include:

  • The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

  • The Notary

  • The Canopy by Hilton

What are Okotoberfest rules?

The cEDH main event at Okotoberfest 2022 will be held at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.

The cEDH Main Event and cEDH Final Fortune events at Okotoberfest 2022 will be governed by the Multiplayer Supplemental Infraction Procedure Guide and Multiplayer Supplemental Magic Tournament Rules.

All other events at Okotoberfest 2022 will be governed by the Infraction Procedure Guide, Magic Tournament Rules, and Judging at Regular.

Are proxies allowed in the tournament?

Homemade proxy cards and counterfeit cards are not allowed in any Monarch tournaments. The inclusion of any such cards in your deck will result in immediate disqualification. We do not support the production of illegitimate cards.

We understand that most cEDH decks require a significant financial investment, which can be prohibitive for players. Some cards are so expensive that it makes many players uncomfortable to physically play with their authentic cards. With this in mind, we have curated a list of 35 cards that players do not need to bring to our event. These cards were selected due to being uniquely challenging to acquire, or that have significant secondary-market cost.

We have created playtest cards to represent these 34 cards in Monarch Tournaments. If you would like to use playtest cards in any of Monarch's tournaments, your list of cards must be submitted by November 11th, 2022. The playtest card form will be provided to all tournament entrants.

All playtest cards are property of Monarch. Players must return all borrowed playtest cards by 11:00pm, Sunday, November 20th. Failure to do so will be considered theft.

Our goal is to provide the best play experience for the greatest number of players, while maintaining the values of Monarch and Wizards of the Coast.



  • Grim Monolith

  • Lion’s Eye Diamond

  • Metalworker

  • Mox Diamond

  • Null Rod


  • Capture of Jingzhou

  • Copy Artifact

  • Gilded Drake

  • Intuition

  • Power Artifact

  • Time Spiral

  • Timetwister

  • Transmute Artifact


  • Imperial Seal

  • Chains of Mephistopheles

  • Yawgmoth’s Will


  • Fork

  • Wheel of Fortune


  • Earthcraft

  • Survival of the Fittest

Utility Lands

  • Bazaar of Baghdad

  • City of Traitors

  • Gaea’s Cradle

  • Mishra’s Workshop

  • The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Dual Lands

  • Badlands

  • Bayou

  • Plateau

  • Savannah

  • Scrubland

  • Taiga

  • Tropical Island

  • Tundra

  • Underground Sea

  • Volcanic Island

Are proxies allowed in the venue?

Monarch's playtest card policy only applies to our organized events. In all games on the side, we suggest you have a conversation with your pod ahead of the game.

How do I get to Loews?

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a short 15 minute drive away taking a taxi, Lyft, or Uber.

The airport train line to Jefferson Station runs every 30 minutes. Walking from Jefferson Station to Loews is a short 5 minute jaunt!

What is the prize support?

For the cEDH Main Event at Okotoberfest, the prizes are:

1st Place: $400

2nd–4th Place: $200

5th–16th Place: $100

What is your COVID-19 policy?

  • With the continued spread of COVID-19, the safety of our staff and competitors is of the highest priority. In order to protect the health and well-being of event attendees, it will be run at the highest level of health and safety protocols as directed by the venue, municipality, state, and country.

  • All competitors, staff, judges, or anyone else entering an area where a Monarch event is being held must show proof of vaccination. Proof of vaccination is defined as 2 weeks after the second dose in a 2-dose vaccine series or a single-dose vaccine and will be verified upon entrance to the venue. You must present a valid vaccination card to enter the venue.

  • All competitors, staff, judges, or anyone else entering an area where a Monarch event is being held will be required to wear a full face mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times. Masks may be removed temporarily for purposes of eating and drinking.

  • Persons in violation of our mask policy are subject to removal from the event hall. We will be monitoring mask adherence closely.

  • No person may attend if they or a member of their household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Monarch reserves the right to modify these policies as we see fit up to the day of the event.

What is the refund policy?

If a person is pre-registered for the Okotoberfest Tournament at Loew's Hotel Philadelphia and is unable to compete for any reason, they must notify Monarch Staff at least 48 hours before the start of the event to be eligible to receive a full refund. Due to our small size, we are unable to refund processing fees taken by our payment clients.

If refunded, fund reimbursement will occur through the original payment client. This process may take up to ten business days.

If the venue is forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions or any other impending circumstance, all competitors will be eligible for a full refund.

My question isn't in this FAQ!

Join our Discord Server and shoot us a message! We're always happy to help!